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Earn money by renting your home for only a few hours


You choose who can rent your house and at which conditions. The reservation is confirmed only when we receive your agreement.


Your tranquility is our priority and organizing an event requires taking precautionary measures. This is why our insurance covers all our events so that you can rent out your house safely.


The transfer of the rental amount is made directly to your bank account within 24 hours after an event.

What is your typical client?

We offer our services to companies (L'Oréal, Bpost, Elia, ...) as well as to individuals. However, only you choose to whom your home is available.

Must I rent out my whole house?

Absolutely not! You choose the spaces of your house that you want to rent, for example: the living room and the kitchen.

Do people sleep on the spot?

No. We do not take reservations to stay on site, it is very short term rentals (only a few hours).

How much time in advance am I notified of a reservation?

Usually, the places are booked 2 months in advance. The minimum break is 2 weeks.

Do I have to be there to welcome the hosts when renting my house?

No! In order to better co-ordinate the event, at least one member of OneHouseStand's team is always on site during an event. That way, you can go to work or visit friends without worries.

What do I have to do/foresee on the day of the event?

Nothing at all! Just open the door to our co-worker and he/she will welcome the hosts and guests.

What is the commission owed to OneHouseStand on the rental?

20% of the total amount of the rental.

How much can I earn by renting my house?

This depends on 2 factors: the hourly rate of your property and the length of the event. We systematically advise on an hourly rate for your home. However, you are free to amend it.

What is the process for listing my house on OneHouseStand?

It's simple: you only need to complete the below form Get started. We will then contact you and, if you wish, we can send a professional photographer to take pictures of your house.