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Earn money as a OneHouseStand host

Join hundreds of hosts renting out their space for meetings, events, photo and video shoots

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You choose who can rent your house and at which conditions. The reservation is confirmed only when we receive your agreement.

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Your tranquility is our priority and organizing an event requires taking precautionary measures. This is why our insurance covers all our events so that you can rent out your house safely.

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Guests are charged upfront by OneHouseStand which guarantees your income. The transfer of the rental amount is made directly to your bank account after an event.

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They share their experience

Common questions

Who is your typical client?

We offer our services to a wide range of clients, from major corporations such as L'Oréal, Bpost, Elia... to photographers, advertising agencies, audiovisual production companies, as well as individuals. You have complete control over the availability of your home, whether for businesses, individuals, or both. Flexibility is in your hands.

What type of event is organised through OneHouseStand?

OneHouseStand hosts receive inquiries for all kind of events: meetings, photo and video shoots, product launches, team buildings, brithdays, weddings, communions, etc. You decide what type of event you agree to host. For more information about the type of event organised through OneHouseStand, feel free to have a look at our online magazine under the event category.
On average, 50% of the events are "turnkey events" (organized by professionals), 40% are photo/video shoots, and 10% of the events are organized by individuals.

What types of requests pose the most challenges for OneHouseStand?

The distribution of event requests is as follows: 15% for turnkey events, 25% for photoshoots, and 60% for events organized by individuals. Therefore, requests from individuals are the ones for which we have the fewest solutions. Generally, individuals are looking for a space that can accommodate between 30 and 50 people and allows for music playback.

Must I rent out my whole house?

Absolutely not! You choose the spaces of your house that you want to rent, for example: the living room and the kitchen.

What does the insurance cover?

Our insurance (AG Insurance) covers bodily injury as well as material damages up to 2.500.000€ per claim.

What should I do to be eligible to the OneHouseStand's insurance?

All OneHouseStand hosts are covered for all bookings that have been made through OneHouseStand. Bookings made outside the OneHouseStand marketplace will not qualify for this insurance coverage. As a result, we strongly recommend that hosts keep all bookings solely through OneHouseStand for hosts’ safety, support, and protection.

Do people sleep on site?

No. We do not take reservations to stay on site, it is very short term rentals (sometimes only a few hours).

How much time in advance am I notified of a reservation?

On average, our reservations are made about 1 month before the event. However, there is no strict rule: some bookings are planned months in advance, while others may be confirmed at the last minute.

Do I need to be present during an event?

Not necessarily! For each event, you have the choice, at no extra cost, to decide whether you want the presence of a OneHouseStand team member during the event. Thus, you are free to be present, attend to your activities, or even go out for dinner without worries.

What do I have to do/foresee on the day of the event?

Absolutely nothing if you have opted for the services of a OneHouseStand team member! Just open the door to one of our teammates, who will take care of welcoming the guests and managing the event.
In the contrary case, you just have to welcome the client and perform the check-in inventory with them.

What is the commission owed to OneHouseStand on the rental?

OneHouseStand's commission is 30% of the total rental amount.

How much can I earn by renting my property?

The amount depends on several factors, including the hourly rate of your property and the duration of the event. Additionally, the frequency of bookings is influenced by the attractiveness of your property, its pricing positioning, and the types of events you accept. We systematically recommend an hourly rate for your property, but if you wish, you are free to amend it.

What is the process for listing my house on OneHouseStand?

It's simple: you only need to complete the below form Get started. We will then contact you and, if you wish, we can send a professional photographer to take pictures of your house.

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